UPS Backup Power

ESC POWER are UPS experts! 

With 20 years of industry experience, ESC POWER have the knowledge!


Q: What benefits do ESC POWER give customers, that others can’t?

A: Value Engineering!


ESC Power are Application Design Engineers who can save you money by:


*   Designing out unnecessary standard products and costs.

*   Designing backup power solutions specific to your application,  as opposed 

     to something generic and  ‘off-the-shelf’.

*   Designing high efficiency into your backup power system.

*   Designing application specific bypass panels in CAD.

*   Designing scalability and flexibility into the system.

 and much more…

ESC POWER offer a variety of UPS products. Click the links below for more information:


Single Phase UPS Output:

Tripp Lite





Three Phase UPS Output:

Tripp Lite





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