Riello 15kVA 1+3/1 Phase Sentryum S3M Active with 6mins.

The high-efficiency third-generation transformerless Sentryum range delivers full-rated power (unity Power Factor), with exceptional operating efficiency of up to 96.5% in online double conversion mode at loads as low as 50%.

Available as three-phase or single-phase input and single-phase output (selectable at time of installation), Sentryum has a unique control system that reduces harmonic voltage distortion (<1% at resistive load and <1.5% at non-linear load) and provides enhanced overload and short circuit capacity to guarantee maximum availability.


Incorporating a 5-inch colour touchscreen display and an intuitive LED status indicator that automatically changes colour based on the UPS’s current operating state.  
Sentryum is scalable up to 8x UPS in parallel to increase capacity or build in redundancy.





Battery Cabinet Runtimes

SNMP Network Card

Relay Card

Riello 15kVA 1+3/1 Phase Sentryum S3M Active with 6mins S3M 15 ACT S2

SKU: S3M 15 ACT S2
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