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CE+T POWER e-one Regular T551730211

Incredible compactness and reliability, while protecting loads and batteries.

DC In = 48Vdc


AC Out = 230Vac
Power = 1 kVA / 800 W


e-one 10  is a stand-alone inverter capable of converting a 48 Vdc power source into a pure sine wave of 230 Vac at 50 or 60 Hz.


This inverter can deliver 1 kVA / 0.8 kW while operating from -20 to 65°C. e-one can be easily rack, wall or desk-mounted.


This inverter is available in two versions: 'Regular' (DC input only), and 'By-pass' (AC and DC input).

In by-pass version, the inverter can automatically switch from the DC source to the AC source if there are problems (with the batteries, charger or distribution). Another way to better secure your critical loads.


CE+T Power e-one 10 48/230 regular T551730211

SKU: T551730211
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