Lithium Ion Single Phase Output UPS

Li-ion batteries provide a longer operational life than VRLA.12 – 15 years is a realistic expectation. They are smaller and lighter, and can operate at higher temperatures than VRLA batteries. If any of these points are of the utmost importance to you, it would be worth considering paying the premium for Li-ion batteries.

CertaUPS C400Li 

900W -  1,800W  UPS


The C400Li 2kVA lithium ups series has been designed to deliver maximum user flexibility. Its compact and ergonomic rack mountable and floor standing design makes it an ideal fit for many server cabinets.

Suggested applications: Servers & Storage, Telecoms & CCTV.

Key Features:

* High density lithium-ion batteries
* High efficiency up to 95%
* 0.9 output power factor
* Expandable runtime with additional battery modules
* Rackmount or Tower compact convertible design
* Energy saving mode
* Pure sinewave output
* Eco mode function
* HID Functionality
* Rackmount rails included

Tripp Lite SmartPro Medical-Grade UPS

450W - 750W

Lithium Battery with Full Isolation.

Line-interactive UPS provides basic battery backup with UL 60601-1 compliance for use in medical facilities, including patient care areas.

Key Features:
* Lithium battery backup allows time to save files and safely shut down during blackouts.

* Hospital-grade (HG) C13 outlets provide power to medical equipment.
* UL 60601-1 compliant for use in patient care vicinities when plugged into HG wall outlet.
* Alarm and front-panel LEDs report online, battery, fault and overload conditions.
* 10,000-cycle LiFePO4 battery lasts up to 30x longer than comparable SLA batteries
5-year limited warranty.